Please Note:

If you feel you can bring in 14 referrals for quick pay, that’s quite alright, but it’s not really necessary. All you have to do is to make sure you refer at least two persons. Your referrals will do the same until your down liners are complete to 14 referrals.

When payout has been made automatically after the successful completion of your down liners, your account gets deleted while you await your payment. Payments are made on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Any request made automatically on payout days or on holidays will extend to the next payday. If for any reason you did not get your payment within the said day, please you can contact us via our email (, and we will reply as soon as possible. You can start all over again after you have gotten your payment.

Please Note:

You may ask, what if my down liners fails to bring in two people and their account gets deleted, what will happen to me?

Yes, there may be a case scenario when that will occur. If for instance you brought in only two persons directly under you and one of their account gets deleted, you will be prompted again to bring in another person to replace the deleted user still with a 3-day timer. This process is to ensure the smooth running of the system.

Note: If the deleted user brought in only one person, then you will not be prompted by the system, the deleted user’s referral will replace him under you.

Above shows that “User” has completed his down liners waiting to make request before his account will be deleted.

First Scenario

If you have completed your down liners to 14, the system will immediately request for payout.

Let’s say number 6 referred two persons 13 and 14, and his timer stopped counting. Number 13 went ahead and brought two persons “A & B” under him. It will look like this below.

Second Scenario

Now number 14 brought 1 or no persons into the system and his account was deleted when the timer finished counting. This is how the diagram will look like below.

Third Scenario

Assuming number 14 brought in only one person, his account will still be deleted and number 14 down liner will replace him under number 6. It must be a total of at least two persons to prevent the system from deleting your account.

Number 6 will now be prompted to bring in at least one person to replace the deleted user, and his timer will start counting. Failure to do so will render his account deleted automatically. This is how it will be shown below.

You can see above that number 6 account has been deleted. In this case, it will not prompt number 2 to bring in any person because number 2 has down liners under number 6 account that was deleted. Instead, the system will bring up number 13 and his down liners to replace number 6 position. This is how the diagram looks like below

Now you can see that the system has replaced number 6 with number 13 and his down liners under number 2. Instead of prompting number 2 to bring in a new user, it checked to see if number 2 has other down liners under the account that was deleted. If for instance the deleted account does not have, it will prompt number 2 to bring in one more person with a 3-day timer. If it has, it will bring them up to replace the deleted account thereby rendering “User” account complete for payout.

Note: With this system of accounts getting deleted for lack of referrals within the said time, you are advised as the referee to check your account (down liners) from time to time in the case that you may be prompt to bring in one or two persons when your DIRECT referrals failed to bring in anyone.

Tips and Tricks to Gaining ₦7200 or More Quickly

With these strategy, you don’t have to refer 14 persons in total. With ₦1800, you will only need to create 5 accounts i.e. 5 accounts * 360 = ₦1800 to get ₦7200 by only referring 6 persons. Below steps shows you how it works.

  1. Get your capital of ₦1800 ready.
  2. Signed up for the first account “A” with ₦360. A link will be generated for you.
  3. Now sign up the remaining five accounts “B, C, D, E” under the first account link “A”. It will look like this below
Note that D and E are under B’s account as B, D and E are all under A’s account.

  1. With this, you are set. All you have to do now is to only refer six persons under A’s account link. It will look like this below.
This six persons above you brought will go ahead and invite others.

You can see from above that the two persons under C referred 4 persons. We can now pay your first account “A” ₦1440. That is how it goes for other accounts “B, C, D, and E”. When your down liners for other accounts gets complete to 14, we pay you until you have a total of ₦7200.

The step above is only what you need to do to get ₦7200 by only referring 6 persons in total and not necessarily 14. When you refer 14 under only one account you created, you get ₦1440. It’s a small money though for a lot of persons. But when you create five accounts with ₦1800 and carry out the above strategy by referring only 6 persons, you stand a chance of getting away with ₦7200. You can see now that ₦7200 at least is money to a lot of folks out there.

The tricks above is just a hint of what you can do to make more money with only inviting people that can go into the system with ₦360. You can do more than that by even creating more than five accounts. The ball is in your court.

Payment Method

Our system has a secured payment gateway.