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We believe that our system will carry every one along as long as you do your part.

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NetFunds is built on legitimacy, fast payment and efficacy.

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When you make a search of a list of pyramid schemes, multi-level marketing or networking related websites on search engines, you will see tons of them – many of which are scams. Nowadays, it is very hard or almost impossible to distinguish or find legit websites that offers what it says and sticks to it for a very long time. It hurts a lot when you lose your money for NO reason. That’s why NetFunds has come in place so that people can have confidence in the system. There are people out there that appreciate the referral system, but most scam web owners have abused it.

Highly Secure

Highly Secured

Highly secured with SSL Security + Paystack payment gateway solution!

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Tips & Tricks

With this method, you can easily earn ₦7,200 by creating five accounts and referring just six persons. Navigate to 'HOW IT WORKS' menu tab at the bottom of the page to find out how.

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Payment Days

Payments are made on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays directly to your bank account. Nevertheless, any request made on payout days or on holidays will extend to the next payday.

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How Long Will NetFunds Last

Our system will never "crash" as long as you can refer at least two persons.

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Refer and Earn

With your ₦360, you will be able to get ₦1,440 by just referring two persons!

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Feel free to contact us at anytime or send us an e-mail from 9am to 5pm Mondays to Saturdays, and we will respond ASAP.

Our Website

Our website comes with a very simple package for now. Though the capital and return is small, we plan on adding more good and better systems soon to let the ones with the big cash earn big by having less referrals. Nevertheless, you can create as much account as you want provided you can refer at least two for each account.

You can look at "Tips and Tricks to Earning ₦7,200 or More Quickly" on "HOW IT WORKS."

We have better systems than the ₦360 plan. Soon, we will open doors to other packages with less referrals to let you earn big. With your ₦360, you will be able to get ₦1,440 by just referring two persons.

We have to be candid and clear with you. The only way you can lose your capital on our system is when you fail to bring in at least two persons within the stipulated 3-day timer. As long as you do your part, everything else will go on smoothly without any problem. You can navigate to "HOW IT WORKS" menu tab for a better understanding of our system


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Our system has a secured payment gateway.